Contemporary photography


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In several contemporary photographs it is possible to detect different expressive values ​​of modern and contemporary art because they have the same visual structure as the main artistic movements of the twentieth century. So much so that my fourth workshop, inherent to the project called creative art workshop contemporary realism, was of an informal type with clear references to the iconography of informal art. The search for photographic shots of chromatic and material reliefs present in various places in the area highlight our daily sharing with an informal iconography. However, from Impressionism onwards the element of fusion with greater determination of photography in a contemporary context, is undoubtedly the essence of conceptualism that was defined by birth in the sixties and seventies but concretely emerged in so much pre conceptual and post-conceptual. The conceptual essence of photographic expressionism is completed when the image through the compositional structure is able to convey sensations and emotions. {%ALT_TEXT%}The personalization of a photographic expressionism is parallel to the characteristics of the expressionism of the main figurative arts: – painting; sculpture; architecture; – and is the bearer of an original aesthetic value. The recognition of a personal photographic expressionism present in various creations with clear references to the aesthetic potential of twentieth-century art proves the strong link between photography and contemporary art. Furthermore, it is necessary to remember that conceptual art considerably resizes the form and technique to give space to the concept that can be represented with any expressive language, including photography which is certainly contemporary even with this function. The conceptual aspect constantly contributes to fueling the expressive research of the artist-photographer who, abandoning pre-established schemes through continuous experimentation, concretizes a growing photographic expressionism that has its start from the point of view of the contemporary artist – photographer. However, without ignoring the expressive value of artistic photography, which however began with his academic creativity to initially enhance a first expressive-photographic value. Petrucci Pasquale

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