CampaniART visual – digital stories

CampaniART: visual – digital stories

Digital creativity exhibition project

This project was created to strengthen, through the universal language of art, the awareness of the great territorial resources that fellow citizens have through the collective heritage in a united Europe. It is engaging, to live, with the emotion of a contemporary artistic representation, belonging to the current time period without ever losing its historical memory. To ensure constant tourist development, it is necessary to increase the urban horizon with the inclusion of the relationship between architecture and landscape, with the absolute awareness of the strategic role attributed to the artistic and cultural heritage. To unify in an expressive cycle a testimony of the historical-artistic-cultural heritage with an architectural and / or landscape element, inevitably means completing the visual history of the territory. It is also a question of emphasizing the contemporary vocation of the entire Campania region which has been reinforced several times by the exhibition of major international events. At the same time, there is a desire to work towards cultural investment which is indispensable for the Campania region as a territory with a great tourist value. In this direction, the current project deepens because the presence of artistic events in tourist areas consolidates the connection between art, architecture and landscape. The planned visual activities will be aimed at developing the perceptive function of the expressive message, so that the ability to criticize and reflect is activated in the user of the work of art; fundamental elements in reading a work of art. IT modernization has proved essential to realize territorial digital graphics through the application of digital creativity. CampaniArt’s online exhibition is visible at the address;