The Contemporary Nuraghe

The exhibition called “The Contemporary Nuraghe” set up at the F.R.A.C. Fondo Regionale Arte Contemporanea of ​​Baronissi (SA), was articulated through different compositions of an urban iconography that of the so-called car cemeteries, which reduced to carcasses end up stacked in a pyramidal sense. functional of the Megalithic Nuraghe which I consider the first metaphysical monuments. In addition, the concrete possibility of defining the Nuraghe as burial places strongly contributes to creating an atmosphere inserted in a typically metaphysical artistic dimension. A similar atmosphere also spreads in car demolitions or to better define them with a metaphysical term “the car graveyard”. In the scene the real protagonist is the loneliness that winds among the carcasses of old demolished cars that populated the cities until a few years ago. The little light is punctuated by some space that has been involuntarily created in joining the demolished cars. The car interiors keep an infinite number of memories with a grave jealousy; loves, confessions, sex, betrayals, violence

The critical profile, included in the catalog, was edited by Prof. Patrizia Fiorillo, holder of the Chair of History of Art Contempo at the University of Ferrara. The Artistic Direction of the F.R.A.C. of Baronissi (SA) is directed by prof. Massimo Bignardi, holder of the chair of Contemporary Art History at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy and the School of Specialization in Art History of the University of Siena.

In the practical realization the operative path has developed a double final result: photocomposed panels and mixed technique. For the photocomposed panel the realization is completely digital. In the mixed technique, the initial structure consists of a black-and-white photographic setting on a canvas support. Subsequently, the chromatic intervention takes place, with oil colors, which previously programmed must penetrate the material with calibrated violence. The common thread that unifies the two creations is the metaphysical essence of the contents which gradually must arouse a subtle and icy anxiety and a single undisputed protagonist must reign: loneliness.

Exhibition Contemporary Nuraghe

Petrucci Pasquale