Curriculum  Vitae

 Curriculum Vitae

Pasquale Petrucci was born in Nocera Inferiore in 1955. He graduated in 1976 in Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples with the scenographer Tony Stefanucci, then artistic director of the San Carlo Theater in Naples, and then started teaching in the roles of the Ministry of Public Education. He has been painting and exhibiting since 1972 with solo and group exhibitions in several Italian cities (Cremona, Padua, Adria, Milan, Nocera Inferiore, Salerno, Rimini, Cesenatico, Fano, Riccione, Agrigento, Locri, Siderno, Marina di Gioiosa, Roccella, Cagliari, Paestum, Cosenza, Turin, Battipaglia, Specchia, Sorrento etc.) and abroad (Bulgaria, Romania, Austria, Portugal). The interest in aesthetic expression led him to advertising graphics and since 1982 he has managed a graphics studio applied. He has developed the following exhibition projects: Urban Alterations, Urban Dynamism, The Chromatic Immensity of Matter, Campania / Visual Stories, Metaphysical Photocompositions, Contemporary Nuraghe. Illustrious critics have written about his work, including Carlo Franza, Ada Patrizia Fiorillo, Carla Rugger, Gabriella Niero, Natasha Bordiglia, MariaRosaria Belgiovine.

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