The artist’s statement


Petrucci’s art can be defined as multivalent.

Currently his artistic production is composed of contemporary photographs, oil paintings on canvas and digital art.

Contemporary photographs are composed of different operational cycles.

Informal photography; it was created with the subjects of old metropolitan graffiti which were aged with expressive-visual interventions of different themes, bleached and partly erased. The presence of an informal – material iconography manages to transport the visual memory to the masterpieces of informal painting.

Decollage photography; it was created with the subjects of advertising posters dismantled by the atmospheric elements which involuntarily compose incomprehensible indications from an advertising point of view. But a real aesthetic iconography is highlighted that officially belongs to the urban landscape.

Photos with chromatic dynamism; they are a cycle of photographs that have a reference to the photodynamics of the futurist art of the photographer-artist Anton Giulio Bragaglia.

Photos with contemporary realism; it was created from urban scenes that belong to our daily lives, assembled with ease by the hand of man, by atmospheric situations, or by the wear and tear of time.

per tutte le INFO
per tutte le INFO

Oil paintings on canvas; to prepare new expressive themes and for an ever greater creative potential, new technical-expressive means have been inserted into the paintings; the vintage photos / the photography / the images / the fabric / and the chromatic lettering with the poetry extended to that of the songwriters.