007 is not just a secret agent

007 is not just a secret agent digital decollage The casual cataloging of a vintage photo with the numbering of n ° 007 prompted the imaginative association with the famous secret agent James Bond. The setting of the original photograph can be placed prior to the fifties and represents a room of a brothel. The… Continue reading 007 is not just a secret agent

Object compositions

Object compositions Oil colors on canvas The compositions of objects with oil colors on canvas correspond to my personal primordial period that can be intercalated from 2003 to 2007 and with an intense desire I would like to resume them with new creations, also for a “remember” of my artistic experience. They are urban compositions… Continue reading Object compositions

Digital Reimagining: The Conversion of St. Paul

Digital Reimagining: The Conversion of St. Paul Eight digital reinterpretations of the famous painting “The Conversion of Saint Paul” by Michelangelo Merisi known as “Il Caravaggio” have been created. The painting is kept in the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo in Rome. The Evangelist Luke describes the figure of Saul (Paul) who was initially… Continue reading Digital Reimagining: The Conversion of St. Paul

The Red Indians: visual – digital stories

The Red Indians: visual – digital stories The irresistible charm of the American Indians, better identified with the name of redskin, is undoubtedly shared. The interest is not conditioned by the limited clothing or the chromatic vivacity that envelops a large part of the muscular body but by the facial expressiveness, which without the application… Continue reading The Red Indians: visual – digital stories

CampaniART visual – digital stories

CampaniART: visual – digital stories Digital creativity exhibition project This project was created to strengthen, through the universal language of art, the awareness of the great territorial resources that fellow citizens have through the collective heritage in a united Europe. It is engaging, to live, with the emotion of a contemporary artistic representation, belonging to… Continue reading CampaniART visual – digital stories

Digital Creativity

La Digital Creativity Digital innovation has further enhanced the creativity of graphic art through a gradual innovative process starting initially in 1960, with a “computer graphics”, to subsequently legitimize a computer science discipline of contemporary art. Considering the technological advancement of information technology, an energetic graphic-digital future is expected and consequently… Continue reading Digital Creativity

The Contemporary Nuraghe

L’esposizione denominata “Le Nuraghe Contemporanee” allestita presso il F.R.A.C. Fondo Regionale Arte Contemporanea di Baronissi (SA), è stata articolata attraverso diverse composizioni di un’iconografia urbana quella dei cosiddetti cimiteri delle auto, che ridotte a carcasse finiscono accatastate in senso piramidale.Per diverse ragioni il pensiero creativo è rivolto verso l’enigma funzionale delle Nuraghe Megalitiche che considero… Continue reading The Contemporary Nuraghe

The technological art

Technological art   For several decades, modern and contemporary art has been systematically involved in technological innovations, practicing new expressive realities with digital characteristics that inevitably involve a manipulation of reality. The creative input can come from a contemporary photograph, from fantastic scenarios, or from any digital-graphic intervention. Technological input has not only helped to… Continue reading The technological art

all exhibitions

All exhibitions> CRITICAL ANTHOLOGY OF ARTAll exhibitions> CRITICAL ANTHOLOGY OF ART 2021 From January 2021 to June 2021 Online exhibits; The technological innovations of contemporary art  futurist photodynamism by A G Bragaglia Contemporary nuraghe in digital art Photographic alterations with Futurist Photodynamics on the following sites: https://www.ateliecontemporaryart.com / https://www.pasqualepetrucci.it /   January 2021 CONCA PARK… Continue reading all exhibitions

Iconography of Photodynamics

Iconography of Petrucci Pasquale’s Futurist photodynamics Digital manipulations belong to today’s everyday life but previously among the various expressive researches carried out by the pioneers of photography and contemporary art, Anton Giulio Bragaglia’s Futurist Photodynamics personally manages to convey greater interest. In the foreground the movement of the moving subject is inserted, in particular it… Continue reading Iconography of Photodynamics