Digital Creativity

La Digital Creativity Digital innovation has further enhanced the creativity of graphic art through a gradual innovative process starting initially in 1960, with a “computer graphics”, to subsequently legitimize a computer science discipline of contemporary art. Considering the technological advancement of information technology, an energetic graphic-digital future is expected and consequently for the creatives of… Continue reading Digital Creativity

The Contemporary Nuraghe

The exhibition called “The Contemporary Nuraghe” set up at the F.R.A.C. Fondo Regionale Arte Contemporanea of ​​Baronissi (SA), was articulated through different compositions of an urban iconography that of the so-called car cemeteries, which reduced to carcasses end up stacked in a pyramidal sense. functional of the Megalithic Nuraghe which I consider the first metaphysical… Continue reading The Contemporary Nuraghe

The technological art

            The technological art For several decades, modern and contemporary art has been systematically involved in technological innovations, practicing new expressive realities with digital characteristics that inevitably involve a manipulation of reality. The creative input can arise from contemporary photography, from fantastic scenarios, or from any graphic-digital intervention. The technological… Continue reading The technological art

all exhibitions

All exhibitions> CRITICAL ANTHOLOGY OF ARTAll exhibitions> CRITICAL ANTHOLOGY OF ART 2021 From January 2021 to June 2021 Online exhibits; The technological innovations of contemporary art  futurist photodynamism by A G Bragaglia Contemporary nuraghe in digital art Photographic alterations with Futurist Photodynamics on the following sites: / /   January 2021 CONCA PARK… Continue reading all exhibitions

Contemporary photography

  CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY  In various contemporary photographs it is possible to detect different expressive values ​​of modern and contemporary art because they possess the same visual structure as the main artistic movements of the twentieth century. So much so that my fourth workshop, inherent to the project called creative art workshop contemporary realism, was of… Continue reading Contemporary photography

Iconography of Photodynamics


Iconography of Petrucci Pasquale’s Futurist photodynamics Digital manipulations belong to today’s everyday life but previously among the various expressive researches carried out by the pioneers of photography and contemporary art, Anton Giulio Bragaglia’s Futurist Photodynamics personally manages to convey greater interest. In the foreground the movement of the moving subject is inserted, in particular it… Continue reading Iconography of Photodynamics

Critical Anthology of Art

CRITICAL ANTHOLOGY OF ART > TUTTE LE ESPOSIZIONI Prof. Carlo Franza, illustrious Historian of Contemporary Art on an international level Carlo Franza writes: “Photography, sovereign art, has told the story of modernity before and postmodernity today, with shots that have made reality solicited by a progress of continuous and visibly elastic sequences, such as the… Continue reading Critical Anthology of Art